Basic Studio Policies


 1. PAYMENT POLICY:  Payment must be made, preferably by check, at the first lesson of the month for the entire month’s lessons (usually four lessons).  I will send each family an invoice prior to the first lesson of the month.

Music I purchase for the student will be added to the next month's invoice. 

2. CANCELLATION POLICY:   Generally, there will be no make-up lessons or credits for missed lessons except in the case of illness or severe weather. When possible, please notify me at least 24 hrs. in advance if your child will be unable to attend a lesson.  If you notify me of a conflict during the previous month, I will not add that lesson to the invoice or charge you for it.  This needs to be done before the invoices are sent out.

 **In general, there will be absolutely no refunds or credit given for cancellations less than 24 hrs. before the scheduled lesson time.**

 I have blocked time out of my weekly schedule for each student, and I make a commitment to be there for each lesson. Teaching is my profession and livelihood, and I take it very seriously. Lessons must involve serious commitment on the parts of both students (and parents) and teacher.  When a family commits to piano lessons, they are making a weekly commitment to attend lessons as well as a daily commitment to a practice routine.

If I ever have to cancel a student’s lesson because of conferences, performances, recording sessions, etc., you will not be charged for that lesson. This will be an infrequent occurrence, and I will generally be able to give you advance notice.  I will try to offer alternate lesson times as circumstances permit.  

In general, once we have set up your regular lesson time for the year, it will be difficult for me to change it at a later date. Please make sure that the time you set with me is one that will work throughout the year, to the best of your knowledge.

3. PRACTICE POLICY:  Each student is expected to practice regularly for a length of time appropriate to the student’s age and level of music. Regular practice is essential not only for the student’s overall progress, but also for our (both student and teacher) being able to make the most out of each lesson. If you have questions about the length of practice time needed, practice routines, habits, etc., please ask. I will be happy to clarify and discuss my expectations, specifically for your child. In general, I recommend practicing each day for a block of time equal to the weekly lesson length (i.e. - 45 min. of practice each day to prepare for a 45-min. lesson).

Setting up a daily practice routine works best, whether it is before school, after school, or immediately after dinner.  Each family will need to discover the routine that works best for their situation and then stick to it.  Do not try to fit practicing in around other activities; give it its own non-negotiable time slot and schedule the other activities around that.